Jueves de Jazz Finlandes en Radio Alma (BE)!

Suomalaiset Huomio: Conversation with Mia Simanainen Klo 19:00 H:ki. This is the third part of a short and second Finnish Jazz series on Jueves de Jazz. This Thursday April 29th I will share with you a great Conversation (dubbed into Spanish) with the great Finnish singer and composer Mia Simanainen. In between we will listen to some of the wonderful music from the second and most recent album with her very sui generis Quartet Ajaton. A Conversation in English dubbed into Spanish that Mia and I had on February 2021 from her home in Helsinki, precisely the same month when Quartet Ajaton’s album “Early Music in the Latest Way” was released internationally. Definitely a Jueves de Jazz not to be missed!

Charla con Mia Simanainen desde Helsinki, Finlandia en Jueves de Jazz. Este Jueves 29 de Abril compartiré con ustedes la tercera parte de una breve y segunda serie de Jazz Finlandés en Jueves de Jazz. Hoy compartiré con ustedes una gran Charla con la gran cantante y compositora finlandesa Mia Simanainen. En el ínter escucharemos parte de la maravillosa música del segundo y más reciente álbum con su ensamble muy sui generis Quartet Ajaton. Una Charla en inglés doblada al español que Mia y yo hemos sostenido el pasado mes de Febrero desde su casa en Helsinki, precisamente cuando fue lanzado internacionalmente el album Early Music in the Latest Way de Quartet Ajaton. Sin duda un Jueves de Jazz a no perderse!

Jueves de Jazz en Radio Alma 101.9 FM www.radioalma.be Jueves 29 de Abril 18:00 (hora de Bélgica). Y en retransmisión el Martes 4 de Mayo 23:00 (hora de Bélgica). ¡Hasta Entonces!

Finnish Jazz series part 3 @ Jueves de Jazz with Mia Simanainen April 29th, by Federico Garcia.

Quartet Ajaton reviewed on “Adam Baruch – The Soundtrack of My Life”

“The vocalist and the instrumentalists do a stunning job from start to finish, playing with highly aesthetic imagination, obvious skill and reserve, carefully avoiding the possibility to upset the delicate balance that this music is based upon. One has truly to admire the audacity involved in taking such radical approach to the original music, and yet manage to arrive victorious at the end, preserving the soul of the music and at the same time deconstruct it into contemporary environment. “

“This album is certainly one of the most interesting attempts to deal with Early Music in an innovative and highly creative way (…)” Read the whole article here.

Quartet Ajaton – Review on LongPlay (PL)

Robert Ratajczak closes the review with this valuable thought: “On Early Music in the Latest Way, Quartet Ajaton revives old music by discovering it for an audience who may not have had the opportunity to get to know it before. The 16th and 17th century songs collected on the CD are presented in an extremely interesting and original form. “

“Na Early Music in the Latest Way Quartet Ajaton wskrzesza dawną muzykę odkrywając ją dla odbiorcy, który być może wcześniej nie miał okazji się z nią zapoznać. Zebrane na płycie XVI i XVII-wieczne pieśni, podane są w arcyciekawej i oryginalnej formie.”

Read the full article here in Polish.

“Early Music in the Latest Way” reviewed on Donos Kulturalny

“Early Music in the Latest Way” to z jednej strony propozycja dla słuchaczy zaawansowanych, z drugiej niewątpliwy rarytas, szczególnie dla poszukiwaczy muzyki nieoczywistej i oryginalnej. Quartet Ajaton ma bowiem do zaoferowania projekt zdecydowanie unikalny, a przy tym bez wątpienia zaserwowany z wysoką klasą.

“On the one hand, “Early Music in the Latest Way” is a proposition for advanced listeners, and on the other hand, it is an unquestionable rarity, especially for seekers of non-obvious and original music. Quartet Ajaton offers a project that is definitely unique, and at the same time undoubtedly served with high class. “

Read the full article here, written by Krzysztof Komorek.