01_Ajaton_12 Quartet Ajaton ‘Elixir’ (ELP-201603)

This debut represents a whole original concept and music! Available as vinyl, digital download, or WD (wood disc). Buy here!

Mia Simanainen & Ahava: Matka (Eclipse 2012). Highly acclaimed by critics, Ahava’s second album creates a beautifully balanced synthesis of a Finnish modernist Helvi Juvonen’s poems and jazz music with a scent of Finnish soil. Buy here!

Ahava (Fiasko Records 2001). A fresh debut of Ahava founded by Mia Simanainen. ”Ahava shines with a beautiful sunny Sunday morning light. I would be tempted not to even call it jazz, but instead describe it as musical conversations between voice, piano, saxophone and percussion.” New World Finn 10/2002 (USA). Buy CD here.

JimJamMurMur (Texicalli 2009). A unique a cappella jazz group JimJamMurMur is creative, beautiful, humorous, exciting and original. Truly ”organically grown” quartet performs compositions and lyrics by the singers themselves combined with adventurous improvisations.

JimJamMurMur: Lauluhilloa lapsenmielisille (2005). ”The Vocal Jelly” is children’s music for the whole family. A debut cd of the a cappella vocal group JimJamMurMur consists of Finnish children’s poems composed by the members themselves. Ask for the last copies in Digelius Music.