Mia Simanainen, voice – Kari ”Sonny” Heinilä, tenor saxophone & flutes – Kari Ikonen, piano – Ville Herrala, double bass – Mika Kallio, drums

Founded in 1999 and later propped up with double bass, Ahava performs Finnish poetry woven into a musical fabric by its leader Mia Simanainen. On Ahava’s second album Helvi Juvonen’s deeply meaningful poems hold a special role. Ahava’s visionary instrumentalists ensure expressive and elegant outcome and strong cohesion within the band members, music and lyrics.

”By digging into alternate traditions, Ahava has unearthed new stories and fresh emotions that enrich and expand the jazz vocal idiom. The mysteries and music of Ahava linger, and after each listening grow deeper.” All About Jazz 6/2002 (USA)